North Country Disposal

North Country Disposal brings fresh, new ideas and solutions to the person, business or municipality of a clean environment. Since 2001, North Country Disposal has been providing integrated, solid waste collection, recycling and septic waste disposal services to residential, commercial, construction customers across the central portions of Upper Peninsula. Our team is dedicated to finding efficient, effective yet sustainable solutions to preserve not only the environment for future generations to come, but maximizing saving for their customer base! We believe in Recycling and its capabilities to minimize the carbon footprint, KNOW IT BEFORE YOU THROW IT!! We pride ourselves in being the cleanest and safest waste hauler in the region.

Roll Off Containers

For "do it yourself projects" at home, or construction sites and other businesses that generate larger waste loads, North Country Disposal offers roll-off containers in four different sizes to suit your exact need! These containers range from 12yd, 20yd, 30yd and 40 yard/open-top dumpsters. These particular units open up at the back, allowing you to walk in for safe and efficient material handling. These can be placed in almost any location for easy access to the waste. While they are often seen on construction and demolition sites, they can be used for all levels of residential and personal use. Great for residential and commercial cleanouts, construction projects, brush and land clearing. Let us aid in helping you choose the right size! Contact Us Today.

  • Household cleanouts
  • Residential and Commercial Construction sites
  • Great for anything that needs throwing or hauling....

Front Load Dumpsters


Commonly referred to as “dumpsters seen at businesses”. Frontload containers are the most commonly known waste collection receptacle used for non-residential, commercial waste collection and disposal.

With this service, containers are placed at your place of business for both solid waste and recycling waste. No matter if your waste generation calls for more frequent visits or a larger container, we can easily adapt to change! If it's due to seasonal, holiday or special requests in order to meet your needs, we'll have you covered!

Great For:
  • Apartments/Residential facilities
  • Stores and Businesses
  • Health Care facilities
  • Restaurants